Monday, May 8, 2017

Speech Blog

The things that make a good speech is emotion, like in the Sheryl speech. She was showing us how your speech gives more to the reader or listener. They put us in their position and make us feel their emotions. This is good to do because you want your reader or listeners to feel attracted or connected to your topic. Make them respect the topic and listen. This is a good quality to have when giving a speech. Another thing that make a good speech is a personal story of a story told to them  by a wider person. This makes a good speech because we are learning and teaching what we taught to other people. We are giving them further knowledge and maybe even some advice. Finally, a quality that makes a good speech is making sure you are loud. In all the speeches we watched, the speeches were loud and with a powerful voice. Their voice was of a leader and outgoing person. 


  1. I agree you want to catch the readers attention you don't want the audience to be sleep. That gif is funny 😂

  2. That gif is awesome, Ronaldo!
    You share great ideas for speech writing, remember them when you start writing yours!